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This site is made up of three emblematic monuments: the Great Broken Menhir, the Table of Merchants’ cairn and the Er Grah tumulus.

At 10 km from Locmariaquer discover the 3000 menhirs of the famous site of alignments of Carnac.

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The Broken Great Menhir :

erected around 4,500 BC, it is the largest block ever transported and erected by Neolithic man. Measuring 20.60m for an estimated weight of 300 tonnes is the equivalent of a herd of 50 elephants!

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Locmariaquer est riche en monuments mégalithiques

all along your walks discover: Mané Lud Dolmen, Men Er Bronzo, Mané Réthual, Mané Er Hroëk, The Flat Stones, Men er Letionec, Mein Er Mere, Kercadoret Dolmen, Dolmen of Kerveresse …

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Dolmen of the Merchant Table:

Dating back to 3,700 BC North-south oriented.
This dolmen, about 12m long, has a room whose height is unusual in this type of monument: almost 2.50m! The magnificent slab of carved sandstone, forming the bottom of the room, represents an idol in escutcheon, surrounded by a “radiant hair”, and covered with butts.

Gulf of Morbihan and the Islands

Full tour of the Gulf of Morbihan with stop over at Ile aux Moines and / or at l’île d’Arz, upstream of the Auray river to the port of Saint-Goustan. Discover Port-Navalo, a small crossing of 20 minutes and you are on the peninsula of Rhuys, where it takes 1 hour of travel by road. Get out of the Gulf for a trip to the offshore islands: Houat, Hoëdic, Belle île en Mer


Gulf of Morbihan and the Islands

Water sports, nature and discovery

You will not have enough of a stay to discover all the treasures of the Gulf of Morbihan, paradise of boaters, hikers, fishermen, there are activities for all.


Water sports, nature and discovery