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Noveltys at Camping Municipal** La Falaise :

Because we can not wait to present it, we will not wait for the summer to reveal them to you …

A multisport court opens in 2020

A brand new multisport court at the campsite, we can play football or basketball.

It is a multisport court with free access, surrounded by an enclosure, it is both a place to let off steam, play sports and meet.

A new playground

Work begun in 2018 on the play area of Block 3 ends with the installation of a new swing.

The play area of the block 2 is getting a new look, with a new swing and the installation of 2 spring games.

Locmariaquer le 16 Mars 2020 :

Suite aux dernières déclarations ministérielles nous sommes dans l'obligation de repousser la date d'ouverture du camping.

Cette date reste incertaine à ce jour, nous communiquerons dès que possible.

Les réservations restent ouvertes pour la saison estivale.

L'équipe du camping.